The brand

Since 1848

Anton Schneider sons

The traditional cuckoo clock factory from the heart of the Black Forest.
Original Black Forest cuckoo clock
Round seal "Certificate of Authenticity". Original Black Forest Cuckoo-Clock approved by VdS

The craft

made in Black Forest

Cuckoo, cuckoo clock!

No other product combines so much German tradition and craftsmanship.
No other product so uniquely symbolizes romantic Germany.
No other product is so emotional and individual.

Cuckoo clock as a landmark and souvenir.

What the Statue of Liberty for the US is, the cuckoo clock from the Black Forest for Germany.
If you're traveling to North America, buy a Statue of Liberty as a souvenir.
Who falls in love with Germany, brings a cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

Carving by hand in the cuckoo clocks factory Anton Schneider from Schonach in the Black Forest
Chalet cuckoo clock tavern motif. Men sit at tables and the waitress carries beer.

Contemporary and timeless.

Every single part of the original Black Forest cuckoo clock is carved by hand and hand painted as it was before 150. The precise movement is on the second in the now. The design: timeless. A perfect symbiosis of history and the present.

Sustainable and fair.

The wood for the Anton Schneider cuckoo clocks comes exclusively from suppliers from the Black Forest. The movement comes from the Schonacher neighborhood. The carvers live in Schonach and make the cuckoo clocks in the traditional, traditional carving art. Sustainable and fair since 1848.


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